The FisH Online Programme

In early 2020, a project team with people from all over Europe was put together to start the organization of our main event for this year. However, because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we found it not responsible for inviting you to join us in person. Because we really want to reach out to you and involve you as much as possible, we will be hosting online sessions throughout the year in the FisH Online Programme!

In this online series, organized and hosted by the project team, we will dive into several themes that will be central topics in the upcoming main event of The Future is Heritage in 2021!  Each month, one of the themes of the upcoming main event will be introduced and discussed in an online session. This will be done by shortly looking into a case study from a European country. We invite you to join us during the online sessions to give your opinions about & experiences with the topics and to share your ideas about the theme. In this way, we cannot only have great conversations about heritage far away from each other, but we can also gather your valuable input for making the programme even better for the upcoming main event!


The theme discussed in the first online session was 'Heritage & Tourism'. In this session, together with our audience, we dived into this theme with a case study about mass tourism in Amsterdam. We talked about mass tourism, the different stakeholders and the effects of the pandemic on tourism.

Missed the first online session? Check out the full recording down below! (The session starts at 11:49 )

Online Session 1 | Heritage & Tourism

Online Session 2 |

Coming soon: Late August

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