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 About us 

The Future is Heritage is an international network and platform that aims to strengthen the position of young people working in the heritage field throughout Europe. 

The Future is Heritage is an initiative of Dutch regional heritage organisation Erfgoed Brabant. Together with partners, Erfgoed Brabant has been operating and building the network and platform since 2018 through organising events, such as the four-day Future Summit during the European Cultural Heritage Summit in Berlin, Germany in 2018 and the Capacity Building Days in Athens, Greece in 2019.


Equal cooperation between young and established professionals is at the heart of The Future is Heritage. Many young people experience inequality with more established colleagues. One of the main issues has to do with obtaining long-term positions, but young people may also experience an overall lack of appreciation for their work. Many of them may still struggle with these challenges at 35. 


Our goal is to get others to think about how they can ensure a more equal collaboration between young and established professionals within their organization. Through our programmes and lobbying efforts, we aim to initiate an international dialogue in which best practices inspire others. In this way, we hope to make it easier for young professionals, students and volunteers to enrich the European heritage sector with their knowledge and experience. 

 Partners we have previously worked with:

Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme

Elliniki Etairia

Erfgoed Brabant

Erfgoed Gelderland

Europa Nostra


Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie

Historisch Centrum Overijssel

Independent School for the City

Kenniscentrum Immaterieel Erfgoed Nederland

Provincie Gelderland

Provincie Noord-Brabant

Provincie Overijssel

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