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Day 1 of The Future is Heritage Summit 2022 | We meet in Prague

Each day we will post a short blog: we will give an update on the events, activities and speakers, and share the experiences of the participants. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

The Future is Heritage has lift off! Yesterday we met with our participants for the first time in Prague. Guests from all over the world attended the first day of The Future is Heritage Summit. We introduced the sessions, shared our work experiences and discussed the relation between heritage and climate.

Saturday the 24th of September we met in Prague. The participants travelled from all over the world. We welcomed people from over 30 countries. ‘It was inspiring to see so much exchange of knowledge and experience between young professionals, from so many different countries’, says coordinator of The Future is Heritage Summit Steven Verhoeven.

Introductory session After lunch, the introductions and a short outline of the sessions, the group was divided in several smaller groups. We shared work experiences, pointed out the challenges of working in the field of heritage and discussed the expectations of the summit. ‘During the Summit I hope there is plenty of room for discussion and interactions’, mentions Eva, one of the participants of the Future is Heritage Summit.

City of bridges After the introductory session and a short break, Sneška Quaedvlieg – Mihailovic, Secretary General of Europa Nostra, introduced the masterclass Climate Heritage Digital Advocacy. Sneška Quaedvlieg – Mihailovic: ‘Prague, a city of bridges, is the perfect place to build new bridges’. This not only refers to the building of bridges between young and established professionals, but also involves establishing and solidifying relations between different countries, organisations and partners.

Masterclass Climate Heritage Digital Advocacy The masterclass, organised in collaboration with The Climate Heritage Network Youth Forum and Europa Nostra, dived into climate heritage digital advocacy and was presented by Pravali Vangeti and Hana Morel. The masterclass kicked-off the programme of The Future is Heritage Summit and showcased examples of digital advocacy, followed by an interesting Q&A session between the speakers and participants. 'The connection between heritage and climate change was not only interesting, it was enlightening and useful’, recalled one of the participants.

Today, the second day, two more sessions will follow. The thematical topics today: contested heritage & heritage and conflict. Stay tuned for the latest updates, on our website and social media channels.

The Future is Heritage Summit 2022 is organised by FisH in cooperation and with the support of Europa Nostra, ESACH, The CLimate Heritage Network, The CLimate Heritage Network Youth Forum, Erfgoed Gelderland, Erfgoed Brabant, Europeana and DutchCulture.


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