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Day 4 of the Future is Heritage Summit | The Policy Agora

Each day we will post a short blog: we will give an update on the events, activities and speakers, and share the experiences of the participants. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

On the final day, a delegation of The Future is Heritage stood up and made a statement at the Policy Agora in Prague: Without youth, no future for heritage.

The Policy Agora

Early in the morning, the participants of The Future is Heritage Summit 2022 would meet up one last time for the event. We summarized the conclusions of the summit, shared experiences and discussed once more the challenges young heritage professionals face in the sector. A small group of the Future is Heritage wrote a statement which they presented during the Policy Agora, organised by Europa Nostra and its partners, in the Zofin Palace.

Without youth, no future for heritage

They urged the heritage sector to include young people, to provide real jobs – not just internships and volunteering positions – where young people can voice their ideas and opinions. The statement was picked-up by the press and shared widely on social media. See also: the article in the European Heritage Tribune.

You can rewatch the statement on the website of Europa Nostra below or on the website of Europa Nostra (European Heritage Policy Agora, Part II, from ca. 50:00 onwards).

And now? Even though the event has come to an end, we will go on to raise our voices and let the youth be heard in the heritage sector. We applaud and thank our participants who have made the summit such a success. We will share the conclusions of the summit at a later date. Stay tuned on and follow our social media channels for the latest updates.

The Future is Heritage Summit 2022 is organised by FisH in cooperation and with the support of Europa Nostra, ESACH, The CLimate Heritage Network, The Climate Heritage Network Youth Forum, Erfgoed Gelderland, Erfgoed Brabant, Europeana and DutchCulture.

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