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Welcome to

The Future is Heritage


Our journey

We are an international network of young and established professionals who work in the European heritage field.

We believe in the power of equal cooperation between people on an intergenerational, interregional and interdisciplinary level.

Through our platform, we work on developing new ways to organize this cooperation and to inspire others.



How can I join the Future is Heritage?

Have you just found out about the Future is Heritage and want to be a part of our network? We welcome you!

Whether you are a student, starter, young professional, enthusiast or an established professional who likes to be involved, everyone is welcome and free to join us.

We don't work with a membership structure, so you are already good to go!

Follow our social media and news items on our website for the latest updates or send us a message to

We are currently working behind the scenes to provide you updates via more options soon!

Helping Hands


Do you want to ask a question or discuss something else?

Please send an e-mail to

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